Online Classes for Class 10 CBSE

How to Choose the Best Online Classes for Class 10 CBSE?

Online Classes for Class 10 CBSE

Are you the one who will empower your child to choose his/her career rather than being forced to take it because of 10th results ?

10th class is a very crucial academic year in the student’s life. Marks in CBSE 10th class board will act as a key factor during the admission process of many prestigious colleges and universities as they have their minimum percentage cut off for the 10th and 12th grade for admissions. 

Class 10th also acts as a base class after which students have to choose different streams of subject as per their liking for example, Physic Chemistry Maths (PCM), Physic Chemistry Biology (PCB), Commerce, and Arts.

In Most of the cases students are forced to take a stream which is based on the scores of 10th class rather than what he/she wants to take.

The best a parent can give to their child is the capability to choose his career direction. This is the time where a coach becomes very important who can start working to explore the child’s interest and also ensure that his scores are good enough to pursue his interest as a career. 

These days, due to the prevalence of online coaching, the options of coaches have increased quite a lot and you are no more restricted to your locality, city, state and country for search. 

Significance of good coach can’t be undermined as students are typically the reflection of the coaches.

Students should give extra attention in study to achieve a good grade in CBSE class 10.

Online Classes are the best way to identify the right coach to score better marks and learn the concept better.

Following are the factors one should take into consideration while choosing online classes especially when you are in class 10th are as follows.

Factors for choosing best online coaching for CBSE class 10

best online coaching for CBSE class 10
  1. Teacher experience: This is the most vital parameter before choosing the online classes. It’s very important for a teacher to have good experience in the subject and to have very good track records of delivering good results. It became easier to select the coaching as the reputation and performance of the coaching classes all depends upon the knowledge and experience a teacher possesses.
  2. Teaching technique: As technology has evolved and the way teaching has also changed. It’s much easier to understand the concept If the students see them in visual form. Students are able to correlate the concept to understand it better.
  3. Question and answer session: Mode of asking questions should be easier. Online coaching should not be a recorded session in which students won’t be able to ask the questions. Students might not be waiting too long to get answers for their questions.
  4. Assessment of the student: Online coaching should be able to do pre and post assessment of the student. For monitoring the growth of each student it is very crucial and all the assessment reports should be passed to the parents either weekly or monthly.
  5. Mode of communication for parents: Yes it is also a very important factor mode of communication should be also defined earlier before joining the online coaching.
  6. Counselling of the child: After Class 10th students choose the different subject and most of the students are not able to make a decision. The students generally choose the subject as their friend has chosen them not understanding what their passion is. Counselling sessions help to understand and guide the student and tell them the future possibilities of different streams. So it will provide student clarity and pave the base to achieve the desired future goal.   
  7. Payment options: How it fits your pocket with multiple payment options. Most often online coaching classes have different flexibilities and EMI options for the payment.
  8. Review: Review will give you a better understanding of the past experience of the students and parents. It also serves as a factor which defines best coaching classes for 10 CBSE.

Why is CBSE class 10 science important?

CBSE Class 10 science subject is designed to cover all the basic concepts. 

Marks distribution pattern for the CBSE board examination for science subject is 80 marks and the remaining 20 marks are for Internal Assessment.

Benefits of online classes for class 10 CBSE

Benefits of online classes for class 10 CBSE
  1. Convenience: Convenience of starting classes from any part of the world makes Online Classes the best choice for students. Students will not have to worry about travelling and getting late due to traffic jams or weather conditions. Learning can be started with a laptop or mobile phone in a proper study place with less distractions.
  2. Flexibility: With the recorded lecture on the topic will provide students with the facility of flexibility. Students can start the learning process at any time.
  3. Cost-Effective: Online Coaching is affordable compared with offline coaching. They even have different payment options available. You can also save money apart from fees on transportation.
  4. Fun and easy: Learn more effectively with online classes which through visualization which includes the use of videos, images and infographics.
  5. Availability of Resources: Online Coaching Classes will provide soft copies of the study materials and conduct online tests, practice sessions, assignments, projects and exams. 
  6. Personalized Guidance: Personalized guidance is given in Online classes this is missing in offline classes. Attention of the student is also there since online classes are more interactive and fun. 
  7. Availability of Instructor: This is very important as we all know a lot of support is required during the study. In online classes you can ask questions during the class or whenever you have questions you can mail or message to the teacher so that they can respond to you.
  8. Group Communication: Online coaching class provides a platform for discussion and interaction as well. Where you can have group discussions with your teachers and fellow classmates which enables you to clear your doubts related to the subject. Generally all online classes will connect you with your teachers via emails, chat rooms etc.
  9. Feedback and Assessment: Feedback and assessment is a very important part to track and monitor the performance. In Online coaching classes, students are able to get feedback for their performance. They can identify their mistakes and receive feedback based on their performance on a regular basis. Pre and post assessment taken that can help you identify your weakness and strengths. This will help Parents and teachers to track student progress.
  10. Improves retention quality: Students are learning in a more attractive way in the form of videos, images, infographics, charts etc., so that students can remember easily. Its ultimate goal is to retain information for a longer period of time.
  11. Technical Skills: Learning online skills are very important in student life. It will help students in the future quite a lot in a big way  in accessing information, communication, interaction, collaboration, etc. It can help you to develop new skills in computers and programs. For example, creating and sharing documents, using videos and audio materials for assignments or projects.
  12. Improves Self Discipline: Online coaching classes enhance students’ learning abilities not only in academics but also in an overall improvement of individual personality. It also enhances self-motivation, responsibility and time management skills. Parents should motivate and support during the learning process. With this, you will be forced to learn self-discipline by managing your time and tasks.

Frequently asked questions for online classes for class 10 cbse

Q1. How to get good marks in science class 10th (CBSE)?

CBSE class 10 science Chemistry
Derivations are very important for examination, SCC, FCC, BCC etc. one should learn and practice it.
Organic reactions comes in examination so practicing 3 to 5 times for better understanding.
Making the proper chart of all the important reactions can be handy while last minute preparation.
Performing each and every lab experiment at least twice or thrice before going for the practical exams can be handy.
CBSE class 10th scienceBiology
Biology is a subject that requires a lot of diagrams and hence it is always suggested to practice as much of the diagrams you can to get the handset on it and can answer any question related to it in exam with ease.
By developing the habit of revising point-wise and not skipping any part of the syllabus students can easily get over the Biology preparation.
By noting down the experiment procedure can be handy during the practical exam.
Biology also has some of the toughest terminologies to memorize, one can ace them by revising them repeatedly time and again
Making of the notes, reading the NCERT notebook and highlighting the important points also helps a lot in the last minute preparation.
CBSE class 10th sciencePhysics 
Practicing the numerical questions and revising the concepts is the key to master Physics.
Students can formulate techniques to memorize the formulas and the concepts. This can help them in understanding the core subject.
Noting down the important formulas and equations of Physics can help the students prepare in a much better and planned way.
Physics has several questions based on theorems and direct formulas which can be memorized by revising thoroughly.
Answer Source: Quora

Q2. How do I prepare for the science exam in class 10?

A. Students must refer to the NCERT Class 10 Science textbook. The book covers the entire syllabus and the question paper is designed from it. It’s important to solve the exercise questions in the book.
B. You may also need to look for the tutor for coaching.
C. Going through past 5 year question papers can give you good hint on the types of questions which are typically asked.

Q3. Can I book a demo before joining the Online class?

Yes, the majority of the Online classes offer demo classes for the students.   You can book from here as well.

Q4: Which are the good online coaching classes?

There is no absolute answer. The right coaching class depends upon the needs and factors which are important for you. However, you may like to join trial session of Learn N grow and see that suits you.

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