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Best Online Classes for Class 11 CBSE | VIP-DSL model

online classes for class 11

Dear Students, Preparing for CBSE Class 11 Chemistry and struggling to understand the concepts clearly. This will happens to most of the students because in Class 11 the phase was divided into Physics, Chemistry, Commerce, etc., which are introduced as separate subjects. All the subjects in Class 11 are taught in considerable depth. In order to understand everything properly, students need patience, concentration, and very important assistance in learning.

Yes, Class 11 is one of the toughest classes of a student’s school life and it’s been considered tougher than the Class 12 board exams that’s why Online classes for class 11 play an important role.

It’s very important for parents to understand that in class 11th children need reliable guidance so that they can understand the concepts clearly.

Online classes for class 11 is the new way of learning and very safe in this covid times.

Learn N Grow Online Coaching offers the most comprehensive, trustable, and detailed Online Coaching Class 11 CBSE students.

Benefits of joining Learn n Grow Online coaching for chemistry class 11 CBSE

Learn by best education methodology VIP-DSL Based method

  • Highly experienced and passionate teachers of their field
  • Personalize attention and doubt solving
  • Interactive and result oriented
  • Best Exam Tips and Tricks
  • Performance updates for parents
  • Save time on travelling
  • 100% Safe and secure

Why CBSE Class 11 is Important

Student preparing for CBSE Class 11th aspiring to become engineers and doctors should not afford to take Class 11 lightly. The Class 11 syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology are included in the syllabus of popular engineering and medical entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, NEET, and AIIMS. In order to crack these highly competitive exams, one must take CBSE class 11 preparation seriously.

A glimpse of Chemistry Class 11 and preparation

There are three parts of CBSE Class 11 Chemistry syllabus – Physical Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Physical and Inorganic Chemistry are comparatively easier than Organic Chemistry which involves a lot of chemical reactions.

chemistry class 11
  • Chemistry needs one to remember a lot of formulas, reactions, equations, etc. So, as you study, jot down the equations, reactions, and formulas.
  • Write down the definitions of various terms, short descriptions of various processes, reactions, experiments, etc.
  • Practice the reactions and equations regularly; otherwise, you will forget.
  • Get an idea about how to solve problems from the example problems.
  • Solve questions at the end of the chapter.
  • Revise the theory, equations, reactions, and formulas regularly.

Learn Online from India’s BEST Gold Medallist Teachers   

Online classes for class 11 chemistry is conducted by Manju Ma’am

Online classes for class 11 chemistry Manju swami
  • Having 25+ years of experience as PGT Chemistry.
  • Won award for 100% result for 10th class for two consecutive year
  • Always achieved above 95% result in chemistry for Class 12th.
  • Won performance certificate from Educational Minister for 12th class result

Learn n Grow Online Coaching provides best online learning experience for all the students’

Our motive is to help Early Teenagers to prepare for their future by providing simple and result-oriented coaching by the highly experienced and passionate teachers of their field.

Unlike other coaching’s, we offer the best of the online education with LIVE & interactive classes, notes & worksheets, personalize attention and weekly & monthly evaluations.

Online chemistry classes for class 11 features

online chemistry classes for class 11
  • Live Online Interactive Classes
  • Instant Doubt Clarification during live classes
  • Regular assessment and comparative micro-analysis to aid better preparation
  • Builds a strong foundation for Chemistry
  • Student progress reports for Parents
  • Ideal for students to get digital ready for CBT mode of entrance examinations
  • Increases Aptitude & Logical Thinking of the student
  • Online classes specially designed for CBSE students Class XI for achieving more clarity on the topics
  • Students love our VIP-DSL model-based learning approach
  • Pocket-friendly online classes

That’s why Learn N Grow Online Coaching offers the Best online classes for class 11 cbse

Our VIP-DSL model based learning additionally also develops the following skills in the child

1. Improve Retention  

2. Build Confidence

3. Enhance Self-motivation and Interest in subject

4. Achieve Consistent growth in learning

After sustained learning with this model, any student can be one among the best performers in the subject. This system is so powerful derived by the GOLD medallist teachers who want to create a reform in the education system.

VIP-DSL model-based learning

Learn n Grow Online Coaching Incorporating technology into your teaching is a great way to actively engage students. Learning becomes more interactive when technology is used as students can physically engage during lessons as well as instantly research their ideas, which develops autonomy.

Visualization (V): Bring dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping your students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world.

Examples include using the interactive whiteboard to display photos, audio clips and videos

Interactive Approach (I): Pose thought-provoking questions which inspire your students to think for themselves and become more independent learners.

Encouraging students to ask questions and investigate their own ideas helps improve their problem-solving skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts. Both of which are important life skills.

Participation (P): Participation and awards of recognition based learning experience which encourage student learn by fun and very effective step for personal development of the student.

Differential (D): Differential teaching by allocating tasks/activities based on students’ abilities, to ensure that everybody’s individual competency level is identified and their after increased consistently.

Solution-Based Learning (SL): Solution-Based Learning (SL) is a cyclic learning process composed of many different stages, starting with asking questions and acquiring knowledge that, in turn, leads to more questions in a growing complexity cycle.

How to join Learn n Grow online classes for class 11 chemistry?

By following simple steps you can enroll yourself in the best online coaching class 11 cbse for Chemistry.

For registration call or WhatsApp us at +91 85913 37725/ +91 93219 27048 or email us at [email protected] 

Registration is open for online chemistry classes for class 11 new batch is starting soon.

Enroll yourself in the best online courses for class 11 CBSE science

“My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”

– Charles Dickens

Still, Having doubts? Dear parents and students clear all doubts before joining online chemistry classes for class 11 just call or WhatsApp us at +91 85913 37725/ +91 93219 27048 or email us at [email protected] 

Start your Learning Journey with Learn n Grow Online Coaching

Frequently asked question for online classes for class 11 science

Question 1: Any Study Material will be provided on not?

Answer: Yes online study material will be given in the form of video, PDF, Excel, and word files.

Question 2: Is this call only for Chemistry?

Answer: Yes this batch is only for CBSE Class 11 Chemistry. If you want to learn other subject you can call or WhatsApp us at +91 85913 37725/ +91 93219 27048 or email us at [email protected]

We will update you about the other course batches

Question 3: What if I don’t like the class?

Answer: Your amount will be refunded to you no question asked you have to inform within 7 days after joining the classes.

Question 4: Will this online classes help in competitive exam?

Answer: Yes definitely all the concepts going to get clear which also comes in competitive exams. Once your concept is clear then you will automatically get the confidence for clearing the competitive exams.

Question 5: Is sufficient time will be given for my doubts to get clear?

Answer: Yes online coaching class 11 CBSE is specially designed to get all the doubts clear in a fun and interactive way so that everyone will understand and remember the concepts better.  

Question 6: What if I have technical difficulties?

Answer: First, take a deep breath and relax. This is a common worry among online students but there are several ways to handle any issues you encounter. Our team will help you.

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