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Online classes questions that all parents have before joining?

The education system of our country is badly impacted due to the outbreak of the corona pandemic. All the students are moving towards a new learning methodology – online classes which are technology-driven.

These changes come from both the school and the parent’s perspectives. For school, the teacher who is more used to the everyday meetings, interactions, and taking classes in the classroom had to take classes online and learning a new way of teaching. Though some challenges came for teachers in the use of technologies they manage and learned faster how to use it.

From the parent’s perspective, it is very difficult for the parents with the pre-primary and primary class to keep the child in front of the screen for a longer time. They have to sit with the child and make them interested in learning. As per parents, it’s been a difficult task and they are getting fully exhausted in it. For primary and pre-primary private schools are still better but in government schools from remote areas, the conditions are totally different their education is stopped due to lack of infrastructure and technology. Most of the parents did not even arrange a smartphone. So online classes never serve the purpose as the regular classes work. School management and government trying their level best to control the situation.

For the teenager for class 8 to 12 online class working better. Most of the parents are also happy about the education. Parents from Metro, B and C in India are getting adjusted and comfortable in the new way of learning. Parents can easily monitor their children activity while learning.  

Let us take a survey how you feels about the online class and new learning methods

Q1. In which class your child is

Class 1 to class 12

Q2. What are the attributes of online classes that attract the Parents and enhance the Teaching and learning process?

  1. Quality of E-content
  2. Feedback from the teacher
  3. Personalised attention
  4. Teaching Method

Q3. What should be the duration of the online classes according to you?

1 hour

2 hour

3 hour

4 hour

Q4. Is online learning classes working for your child?




Don’t Know

Q5. What do you feel your child connected/ engaged in online classes?




Don’t Know

Q6. Have you notice any health issues in your child due to online classes?



Q7. Do you thing online classes is the need of the hour in current pandemic scenario?


Not Agree


Don’t know

Suddenly due to pandemic situation our entire education system is moved to forced digitalisation and Indian society learned a new way of learning and started mastering digital tools. Tools like video conference – Google meet and zoom, MS Excel, and MS word.

Question 1: Which is the most common challenge for parents in online classes?

online classes questions

Answer: It has been observed that for primary and pre-primary student parent has to engage with the child while studying is a lot as they have to assist their children in taking the online classes.
Proper connectivity is also the common issues faced by the parents as sometimes they used to struggle while connecting the classes.
Long class duration is not what parents support for this classes as their engagement become more to make the child sit for longer duration in front of the screen.
In the early stage parent used to struggle with the technologies but now they are used to it in metro and B, C cities of India.  
Please do provide your opinion what your experience with respect to online classes.

Question 2: Which is the most common challenge for student in online classes?

Answer: Some of the challenges which students faced in online classes or e-learning were
1. Adopting the new changes: Student are used to regular classes and interacting with the friends. They grow up with the culture and sudden changes making them uncomfortable. They have to attend the class virtually and learn new technologies for learning. It take a little time to adjust but the student accepted it open heartily.
2. Technical issues: Many student are facing issue while connecting to the classes due to network issue bad internet connectivity. Few of them due to system they are using. To solve this you need to identify the root cause if you are not able to find it do take support of technical guy.
3. Computer savviness: Though students are learning computer in the class but they are not savvy to operate all the things by their own self. Most of them not able to use MS Word, Excel and basic computer problem to troublesome because they have no idea how to resolve them.
4. Time Management: Time management is a difficult task for the student as they have to be more discipline in it. One have to punctual in the classes on time and had to submit the assignment on time. Student should set reminder for each activity so that they don’t miss any classes or assignment submit date or time.
5. Self-Motivation: Self-Motivation is also one of the challenges that were found in the student. Adapting new technology is not as simple as we thought preparing student mentally to attend and use the technologies is also require time and efforts.

Question 3: What are the advantages of online classes for Students?

Answer: The Advantages of online classes for students which parents recommended were
1. Accessibility: Yes accessibility is the topmost advantage in our list which parents liked. It will allow students to attend the class from any location. This advantage is for both student and for teachers as well.
2. Affordability: Online education is very cost effective. The cost of transportation, meal, class infrastructure will also save. All together make it more pocket friendly.
3. Attendance: Yes attendance of the students increased in all the classes as the student attending it in supervision of their parents. There are very fewer chance of losing out the class.
4. Student Centric: Teacher are taking classes which will make student more engaging and using visual, audio and video to make the class more interactive. All the effort to make the class student centric which is a huge advantage as student learn the things and understand it better.

Question 4: What are the disadvantages of online classes for Students?

Answer: Some of the disadvantages of online classes for students are as follows
1. Misuse of the flexibilities: Online classes are far more flexible than traditional classes and the flexibilities given to students is been misused with respect to timings mostly.
2. Partial Learning: As the online classes is the new way of learning and most student is adopting it sometime topic and classes were over and the student didn’t even understand it.
3. Misuse of the technologies: Student have the tendency to explore the things in the internet so parents and teacher have to be cautious and have to watch children that they don’t watch unwanted site which serves nudity.
4. Technically savvy: Since online classes requires online tools and system to use so student must have to develop some technical skill and have to become internet savvy.

Question 5: Kids are not listening and studying online?

Answer: This question is arising as the dependence of the class is on mobile device and student are using mobile whole day and night and mobile is been consider as an gadget for the adults. It has been observed that the student is using it more for gaming and surfing instead of learning. Because of lack of supervision of teacher this situation is arising.

According to psychologist, some of the student don’t want to sit in front of the screen and listen to the teacher they like to watch video on YouTube and play games and don’t listen to parents.

So the psychologist advice parents that not to put pressure on their kids and sit with them as their fellow student. This is happening because Kids are frustrated as they are not seeing anyone, not able to talk with other, or playing. Instead of telling your kid again and again to open the book and study, sit with them and ask them to talk to with you and ask their feelings. This will create good and strong bond.

Question 6: What should be Ideal hour for online classes?

Answer: As per parents and attention capacity of the children the Ideal hour for online classes should be between 1 to 2 hours, with one biological break for 10 minutes included.

Question 7: What are the unknown benefits of online classes for future prospective?

Answer: Let us pen down the future benefits which student’s gets through online classes are as follows:
1. Improve in self-discipline: While attending online classes students are getting more discipline towards their assignment, timing, Participation and learning online ethics of attending of classes.
2. Location freedom: One thing that student learn from online learning is that they don’t have to attend class and school for learning new things they can learn any new thing from their home itself.
3. Learn Technical skills: If you are not technical that savvy then online learning will force you to come out of your comfort zone and learn new skills. This will be most essential part with respect to your future.
4. Access to the best teacher: Unlike the offline classes there is batch limitation and rush with respect to nest teacher you want to join in that particular area. But in online you can get access to best faculty without the limitation of the location.
5. Networking opportunity: One of the best benefits with respect to future in online classes is that you can attend the classes with you peer from other part of the country or even from other country as well this will create a huge networking opportunity which have a lot of future benefits.

Question 8: What are the etiquette of attending online classes?

Answer: Yes rules plays a vital role while attending a online classes without rules and etiquette online class can be messed up and become fish market.
1. Mute your device while attending a online class so that no one get distracted and switch on when teacher ask to do it.
2. Don’t speak and chat abuse and not use sarcasm.
3. Be respectful while asking your question check your tone be soft and gentle
4. Learn to respect the time line of the assignment
5. Wear decent cloth and attend the class in an appropriate manner with no fancy background, disturbance and distractions.

Question 9: How do I join online classes?

Answer: For join online classes few methods you can follow
1. Visit the website of the online classes select the course and register your desire course.
2. Visit the website find the contact number of the service provide call them and ask them all the information and join the class which you are looking for.
3. You can also drop them the email don’t forget to put your number in it so that service provider can contact you.
Different classes have different rules, policy and regulation do understand them before joining the online classes.

Question 10: What if I am not able to understand the topic in one class?

Answer: Yes this is the most common doubt student and parent have in their mind. Since online classes is made to solve all the doubts and clear all the concepts in better way by providing new way learning which is based on image, audio and video so that student understand the topic better and remember it for longer time.
There are doubt solving sessions, question and answer session and accessibility of the teacher is also with children so that they can solve their doubts.
We are also advising parents to ask the online classes institute regarding this question upfront so that no doubt of left behind feeling you get afterwards.

How did you like the information in the post if you thing that we have missed some questions you have do let us know in the comment section we will respond to it.

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