Best Online Tuition & Online Coaching Classes with VIP DSL Model

Are you looking for online tuitions for your Kids using innovative VIP DSL model to help them to excel in their education?

Online Tuition
Online Tuition

Online Tuition classes have helped students not only to depend on nearby tuitions irrespective of the quality of education but also to avail the best of passionate mentors who teach and guide with a result oriented approach.

Online coaching is the future of education system in this new era of technology. Technology making learning very interactive and easy. Now one can learn online even from remote place and attend online tuition classes with mobile phone or with laptop. Students No longer to carry heavy bags. In Online classes’ interaction is equivalent to face to face learning.

Learn and Grow Online Coaching Program offers new and interactive way of learning model called VIP-DSL model. VIP-DSL model based learning is derived by India’s best Gold Medallist teachers. Students loved our teaching techniques and there grasping power and interest in subject have increased a lot. Further, understanding and clarity on the subjects is also reached to next level.

Learn n Grow Online Coaching new teaching methodology will not only boost student academic performance, but also helps them stay ahead of the curriculum taught at schools. If you are looking for best online tuition classes for CBSE Class 9th to 12th then you are at the right place. Parents will get regular updates regarding child performance.

What to expect from Online Tuitions ?

Dear Parents, Do you feel that your kids has much more potential and it’s not coming out?

Then we have a Good NEWS for you.

Our VIP-DSL model based learning bring out the true potential of your kid and additionally also develops the following skills in the child

1. Improve Retention

2. Build Confidence

3. Enhance Self-motivation and Interest in subject

4. Achieve Consistent growth in learning

After sustained learning with this model any student can be one among the best performers in the subject. This system is so powerful derived by the GOLD medallist teachers who want to create a meaningful reform in the education system.

Why Learn N Grow Online Coaching Class Deliver Extraordinary Results

We help teenagers to prepare for their future by providing simple and result oriented coaching by the highly experienced and passionate teachers of their field.

Parents who prefer our coaching for their children are the ones who are serious about academic growth and know the importance of building base of education and in turn help them shape their future education in planned way.

Unlike other coaching’s, we offer the best of the online education with LIVE & interactive classes, notes & worksheets, personalize attention and weekly & monthly evaluations.

We are blessed to have highly experienced and passionate teachers having more than 20 years of experience in their field which makes learning simple, interactive and result oriented, which parents will start noticing within 5 days.

How our VIP-DSL model-based online tuitions always delivers results

VIP-DSL model-based online tuitions

Visualization (V)

Conveying monotonous academic concepts to existence with visual and practical learning experiences, helping your students to understand how their schooling relate in the real-world.

Examples include using the interactive whiteboard to display photos, audio clips and videos

Interactive Approach (I)

Pose thought-provoking questions which encourage your students to think for oneself and become more independent learners.

Encouraging students to ask questions and explore their own ideas helps improve their problem-solving skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts. Both of which are important life skills.

Participation (P)

Participation and awards of recognition based learning experience which encourage student learn by fun and very effective step for personal development of the student.

Differential (D)

Differential teaching by allocating tasks/activities based on students’ abilities, to ensure that everybody’s individual competency level is identified and their after increased consistently.

Solution-Based Learning (SL)

Solution-Based Learning (SL) is a cyclic learning process composed of many different stages, starting with asking questions and acquiring knowledge that, in turn, leads to more questions in a growing complexity cycle.

Batches for CBSE Online Classes are given below

Online coaching Classes – CBSE Class 9th Science

Online coaching  Classes – CBSE Class 10th Science

Online coaching  Classes – CBSE Class 11th Chemistry

Online coaching  Classes – CBSE Class 12th Chemistry

We invite you to join the 5 day workshop to have experience of the teaching environment and methodology.

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Know you teacher

Name: Manju Swami

Online Coaching classes tutor for Science Manju swami
  • Having 25+ years of experience as PGT Chemistry.
  • Won award for 100% result for 10th class for two consecutive year
  • Always achieved above 95% result in chemistry for Class 12th.
  • Won performance certificate from Educational Minister for 12th class result

How online classes are benefited to students

Online Coaching Classes

Online Coaching Classes provides courses that offers flexibility, affordable tuition, and a variety of academic opportunities for the students.

  • Affordable Classes: Majority of the students overlook the cost advantages of online coaching classes. There are flexibility of the payment options are also provided. Since it’s an online course student need not to go out so they do not pay for on-campus housing or meal plans. Student save lot of time and money by eliminating transportation cost.

Since it’s an online classes so online notes, video tutorial and online test are performed.

  • Fix Location Freedom: Online Classes provides flexibility in geographic location. Any Student can start the class from anywhere. In online classes student can stay closer to other students. These advantages of online classes can lead to greater emotional well-being and less stress.
  • Flexibility options: Online courses gives flexibility that student complete the course at their convenient time. You always have an option to solve your doubts if you didn’t understood the concept.
  • Interaction with different students: In Online classes unlike physical classes the students from different part of the country comes together and learn and share their prospects. This environment is very good for the development of the students.
  • Online Classes Improve self-discipline: If you want to Improve and succeed in the online classes also requires self-discipline. You have to complete the assignment in time like other students login in into your system. You have to participate in the discussions to understand the topic better. Performance of other students push the kid to bring best out of them in friendly and fun environment. By taking online classes, you develop stronger self-discipline, which often translates to other areas of your life such as fitness, work ethic and even relationships.
  • Easy access to teachers: Yes one of the best benefit of online classes is you have much easier access to your teacher. When you ask a question the teacher will answer your question. You would also be part of WhatsApp group where even other students can also share their understandings.
  • Easy to focus: It’s not always easy to focus in class with online classes, it’s much easier to focus on what you’re doing. You can put yourself in the right environment. You can wear headphones if your surroundings are noisy. Your interactions happen online, meaning they won’t easily wander off topic. If you struggle to concentrate, online classes might be the ideal solution.

Learn N Grow Online Coaching Benefits for Students

Online tuition classes
  • Learn by best education methodology VIP-DSL Based method
  • Highly experienced and passionate teachers of their field
  • Personalize attention and doubt solving
  • Interactive and result oriented
  • Best Exam Tips and Tricks
  • Performance updates for parents
  • Save time on traveling
  • 100% Safe and secure

 Join the 5 day subsidized workshop to experience the environment and teaching model.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question1: Is online coaching good for me?

Answer: This is the most common question arise in the mind of student. Yes, the online course will help you improve your grades by having a better understanding of concepts of science and other subjects by studying at the convenience of your home. Further, the regular chapter-wise online practice tests help you understand the pattern of questions asked in the exam and get ready for the same. You can ask question to your tutor at any time.

Question2: How do I join CBSE online classes?

Answer: For joining online classes for CBSE Science subject call or WhatsApp us at +919769516280 or mail us at [email protected]
Team will get in touch with you and provide you all the details of the classes.

Question3: Which is the Best Online Coaching for Class 9th to 12th student for Science?

Answer: Learn and Grow Online Coaching Program offers new and interactive way of learning model called VIP-DSL model. VIP-DSL model based learning is derived by India’s best Gold Medallist teachers having more than 25+ years of experience in teaching.
This result oriented way of teaching makes Learn and Grow Online Coaching the Best Online Coaching for CBSE Class 9th to 12th in Science.

Question4: What can I do if I get a technical issue during the online classes?

Answer: No need to worry about our technical support team will help you.

Question5: Which online coaching is best for board exam?

Answer: Learn N Grow Online Classes for 10th and 12th board exam is the best because you learn from the most experienced teachers with a new teaching methodology that is our VIP-DSL model-based learning. Fun and Interactive way of learning which clarifies topic better and you always remain ahead in your academic.   

Question6: Is online coaching affordable than offline coaching?

Answer: Yes it is very affordable as compared to offline coaching and benefits of Online coaching is far more that offline coaching. You are saving time and money in travelling, and in the pandemic time it is very safe. You will get more attention in online classes. 

Question7: Will the Online classes is LIVE or recorded?

Answer: Online classes will be LIVE classes. We encourage students to fully attentive and punctual. However, on difficult subjects recordings will also be provided so that students can go through them again and again.

Question8: Online class for CBSE Science for which class is available?

Answer: Online tuition for CBSE – 9th Class Science
Online tuition for CBSE – 10th Class Science
Online tuition for CBSE – 11th Class Chemistry
Online tuition for CBSE – 12th Class Chemistry

Question 9: Do you help in Practical exams in getting more marks.

Answer: We believe in building competency and after the coaching you don’t need to ask this question.

Question 10: Is online coaching better than offline coaching?

Answer: Yes online coaching is much better than offline face to face coaching because of saving of travelling time, availability of best teachers, learning with students across the country and innovative VIP-DSL teaching model.

Question 11: How do I start an online class?

Answer: Join the workshop and have experience of the class and then make up your mind to join.

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  1. Amazing coaching classes. Revolutionized virtual experience to study chemistry. Very good teacher. Highly recommend for chemistry.

  2. Best coaching classes with interactive methods of teaching and highly experienced teachers. LearnNGrow online coaching, the one stop destination for getting the best knowledge and learnings which eventually result in scoring high marks.

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